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Sadashiv Nagar Branch

Berry Thai Spa - Sadashiv Nagar Branch

Our Sadashiv Nagar Branch has been the favourite destination for spa enthusiasts since 2020

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Berry Thai Spa

Sadashiv Nagar Branch

Looking to get a relaxing body spa? Berry Thai Spa offers a range of luxury body massages, body scrubs and body treatments. With highly qualified therapists and cosmetologists on staff, we offer chemical peels and acne treatments, anti-ageing treatments, and hair fall reduction services. Get free assessment and consultation at Berry Thai Spa on your next visit!

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Sadashiv Nagar Branch
Sadashiv Nagar Branch

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Sadashiv Nagar Branch


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Sadashiv Nagar Branch

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    This spa is one of those places where you just know as soon as you walk in that it's going to be a great experience. The amazing fragrance and the music are really calming, and the therapist does a great job!

    Amit Jain Koramangala
    Sadashiv Nagar Branch

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